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About Us

We are bunch of Technology gurus with passion to serve our customers! Xoomtvbox is a consumer technology company based in Dallas, Texas committed to delivering Live and On-Demand content to viewers.

We are one of the leading distributor’s of InternetTV based company bringing you contents from around the world to deliver Television, Movies, Music and more. For your viewing pleasure we also carry Wi-Fi and Home Theaters, Projector based iptv boxes and many other accessories and products. We look forward to deliver the highest level of products and services.

What We Do?

We provide Entertainment via internet on your TV. Xoomtvbox is committed to deliver Live and On-Demand content right to your television via a broadband internet connection (minimum download speed of 5 Mbps is required). Instantly enjoy hundreds of HD quality channels, thousands of hours of On-Demand movies& TV shows at the click of your remote!.