Watch Live TV


Packages and Plans for Xoomtvbox for International Packages

1. $299.00 (Includes 2 Years Hardware Warranty and 2 Year Software warranty)
- No Monthly or Yearly Subscription for 2 Years

2. $349.00 (Lifetime Subscription with 2 Years Hardware and Software warranty
- No more monthly or yearly Subscription

3. $199.00 (Includes 1 Year Hardware and Software Warranty)
- Includes Subscription for 1 Year

4. After Expiration of 1 or 2 Year Service, renew with the following plans

     - 1 year renewal Plan ---------------$129.00

     - 2 year Renewal Plan-------------------$229.00


  •         Can move channels forward and backward by pressing the Channels button
  •         Does not have recording feature
  •         Can put Channels in Favorite
  •         Can Pause,revise, and fast forward the Movies 


  •        Does not operate like satellite or cable. A bit slower as it takes few seconds to connect
  •        Does not have the Recordings/DVR function
  •        The Movies and Serials are loaded up every week.Dont expect to have everything very fast as it takes some time
  •        Watch the Video on our website to see how the software/Application operate to get better idea.
  •        Don’t have to pay any monthly/yearly fees as the cost is very nominal for the content the customer gets.

USA Channels Live TV with over 550 Channels.  All Popular Channels including Sports, Movies, Catch up & More !!!

Device Cost


Local Channel HD Indoor Antenna-50 MilesDevice Cost


First TV Monthly


Each additional TV total 2 more TV’s monthly


Add any international Plan for each TV